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Unwind, Relax, and Ride: The Perfect Group Lodging Experience on the Katy Trail in McKittrick, MO

Nestled in the quaint town of McKittrick, Missouri, The Mercantile on the Katy Trail stands as a beacon of comfort and relaxation for Katy Trail rider groups. Whether you're a cycling enthusiast seeking a weekend getaway or a group of friends looking for an adventure-filled escape, our lodging offers the perfect blend of convenience and comfort. In this blog post, we'll explore why our open-concept McKittrick Loft Suite is the ideal choice for your group, ensuring an unforgettable experience along the Katy Trail.

The McKittrick Loft Suite: A Home Away from Home:

Our Loft Suite is a spacious haven that sleeps up to four people comfortably on two queen beds. The open-concept design fosters a sense of togetherness, allowing your group to unwind and share the joy of the trail in a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The contemporary decor and thoughtful layout create a seamless blend of style and functionality, making it the perfect retreat after a day of exploration.

Fully Stocked Kitchen:

One of the standout features of our Loft Suite is the fully stocked kitchen, equipped with modern appliances and everything you need to prepare a delicious meal. Whether you're a group of culinary enthusiasts eager to showcase your skills or you prefer the convenience of home-cooked meals, our kitchen provides the flexibility to cater to your group's preferences. Enjoy the camaraderie of cooking together and savoring a meal in the comfort of your own space.

Living Space and Modern Amenities:

After a day of cycling the Katy Trail, unwind in the comfortable living space of our Loft Suite. Kick back on our cozy sectional, catch up on your favorite shows, or simply relive the day's adventures with your fellow riders. The Loft Suite is equipped with modern amenities, including free WiFi, a flat-screen smart TV, and more, ensuring that you stay connected and entertained throughout your stay.

Outdoor Oasis: Pergola-Style Firepit Area:

Step outside and experience the charm of our outdoor area, complete with a pagoda-style firepit. Gather around the firepit under the stars, share stories of your day's journey, and forge lasting memories with your group. Whether you're roasting marshmallows or simply enjoying the warmth of the fire, our outdoor space provides the perfect backdrop for relaxation and camaraderie.

Proximity to the Trail Head:

Convenience is key, and Mercantile on the Katy Trail takes pride in its prime location next to the trailhead at mile-marker 100.8. Wake up, gear up, and hit the trail without the hassle of transportation logistics. Our lodging is strategically positioned to make your Katy Trail adventure seamless and stress-free.

Book Your Stay:

For Katy Trail rider groups seeking a comfortable and convenient retreat, Mercantile on the Katy Trail in McKittrick, Missouri, is the ultimate destination. Our open-concept Loft Suite, fully stocked kitchen, modern amenities, and charming outdoor area with a pagoda-style firepit create the perfect setting for relaxation and camaraderie. Make your group getaway an unforgettable experience at Mercantile on the Katy Trail.

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