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McKittrick Mile Marker 100.8

Welcome to Mile Marker 100.8 in McKittrick, MO. Population 77.

Did it rain instead of shine?

Need a break from the trail?

Could you or your bike use a refresh?


Well, The Mercantile on the Katy Trail is your haven.

Rest, Repair, and Relax.






(located right next to the trailhead)

The Mercantile on the Katy Trail is a self-check-in and checkout short-term rental.


  • We are adjoined to the Katy Trailhead at mile marker 100.8,

  • Express access to your suite and the Katy Trailhead.

  • Safe adjacent access to and from the trailhead.

  • Convenient for keeping your gear stored privately and safely in your suite.

  • Enjoy a beautiful country setting by the trail.

Property Rental Options:

  • The Mercantile offers 4 spacious suites to settle in for the night.

  • Three suites sleep up to 4 guests (2 queen beds/suite).

  • Bedroom Set Up - 2 queen beds set up hotel style w/semi-private wall.

  • This is a perfect option for guests who usually book hotel rooms with 2 queen beds.

  • Each suite has a living space and a full kitchen with amenities. See the Amenities page.

  • Easily fit up to 14 guests on the property.

  • Ask for a whole property group discount.

  • To Book - Enter your dates, view rooms and options, and Book Today!

  • One-night stay availability. Learn more...

Amenities for Katy Trail Riders:

  • Each suite has a kitchen and laundry units, so you can settle in for the night and eat in

  • Our Barn Shed provides a secure, outdoor/indoor, and street-level space

  • Racks for bike storage and space to clean and fix your bikes

  • Repair area stocked with basic tools

  • Dedicated bike washing area

  • Hose for rinsing off after a muddy ride

  • Bike Pump with dual valves

  • Complimentary Beer in the fridge 

  • Ice maker & Coffee and Tea

  • Food Pantry essentials

  • Bath essentials

  • See the Amenities page for more...

Convenient Services:

The Mercantile Property Offers:

  • A cozy gathering area on the patio

  • Various seating areas

  • Lawn and board games

  • A BBQ grill

  • A pagoda fire pit


Simply let us know when you make your reservation that you'll need bike storage, and we'll send you the access information within a day of your stay.

Happy riding!



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