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McKittrick was established in 1895 when the railroad was expanded. The Mercantile was completed shortly after in 1897. 

McKittrick is a former MKT Railroad town, and the remains of the depot foundation and coal sheds are still present in the trailhead area.


The town was named for Missouri, Kansas, and Eastern Railroad investor, Thomas McKittrick. St. Louis financiers like McKittrick invested heavily in mining, real estate, and the development of urban infrastructure throughout the region. 

A village in southeast Loutre Township, begun in 1895 when the M.K. and T. Railroad was built through here. Named for McKittrick of the Hargadine-McKittrick Dry Goods Company of St. Louis, also a promoter of the Railway Exchange Building and the M.K. and T. Railroad. (James F. Ball, B. Graham)

The MKT railroad was an integral part of life in the area allowing crops to be shipped, people to travel and business to be conducted over great distances. It was designed to bring the products of regional farms, ranches, and mines to St. Louis merchants and manufacturers. 

The building is situated on the corner of Main and Washington Streets. (Now 500 Walnut Street). The mercantile faces the main entrance off HWY 19 and the former MKT railroad line. The brick building is one of only two commercial brick structures in the town.

Across the way, south is now the gravel parking lot and way station for the KATY trail hike and bike path.


Nearly all elements of the building are original. The storefront windows and display areas retain their original interior sliding wood sash with glass panels.

The McKittrick Farmers Mercantile was locally significant in the areas of commerce, entertainment, and recreation. It was the commercial and entertainment center as part of the Missouri Kansas and Texas Railroad line of the 1890s.

It served the trade needs of the local farming community housing a general store and post office on the first floor. The second floor with its stage and large assembly area hosted theatrical performances, church gatherings, and community town hall meetings and events. 

Today, this boutique landmark is about relaxing and making the most of your trip. Nestled right off the Katy Trail, you´ll be surrounded by nature and locals. Plus, downtown Hermann is right over the bridge. You´ll be able to ride to your heart´s delight, tour and sightsee, and visit cafes, shops, and restaurants.


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